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In this book you'll discover:
  •  Exactly what a sales funnel is, explained more simply than ever before (p. 8)
  •  Why your website isn't good enough and what to do about it instead (p. 9)
  •  How to avoid common pitfalls even the best entrepreneurs fall into (p. 16)
  •  The "Five F's" framework to dial in your marketing crystal clear so your customer feels like you're reading their mind (p. 18)
  •  The Value Journey framework to get great results for your clients and maximize the amount you get paid every time (p. 24)
  •  Exactly how to map your funnel and track peoples' progress through the value journey (p. 30)
  •  Why YOU are the only person that can take your idea to the market, even if you feel like it's already been done before (p. 33)
  •  The 5-step "Transformation Framework" to use to build credibility at every step of your funnel (p. 40)
  •  How to invite people to work with us in a way that is genuine and authentic and not sales-y or pushy  (p. 42)
  •  How to run your business on 3 core funnels and the exact templates to use; custom for readers of this book only! (p. 49)
  •  How to use FB's tracking pixel to bring customers back over and over again. (p. 60)
  •  The critical systems you need beyond your funnel and how to use them (p. 62)
  •  How to test everything before you go live (p. 64)
  •  And more...
About the Author
Cody Burch ditched his comfy 6-figure job in pursuit of entrepreneurial legacy. His goal is to help online businesses own their marketing, and experience growth on-demand using sales funnels and Facebook ads. 

By day he runs a boutique digital agency, Red Anchor Marketing, and by night he documents the tumultuous journey on his podcast, Cody Builds a Business. 

He's most famous for helping driven entrepreneurs scale their businesses with online marketing campaigns (including one client who recently experienced nearly a 30:1 return on ad-spend).

He left the red dirt hills of Oklahoma to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs in 2004 with his wife Christy and their 3 sons, Jacob, Luke, and Ben and his lazy, retired racing greyhound, Zeke.
If you want to build high-converting and profitable sales funnels quickly, then this FREE BOOK is for you.
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Q: "Why are you giving away a copy of the book?"
A: I want you to build your own funnels. Fast. I meet far too many entrepreneurs who are in a strangle hold with an expensive agency and they don't know what to do... Or they are petrified in fear of using technology...

I'm not OK with this. I want to help get this book into as many hands as possible, as quickly as possible.
Q: "Tell me more about the book"
A: After working with top online companies since starting my private digital agency in January 2017 I noticed there was a trend. The funnels we were building were converting really well, and they had a common framework.

I was also building a LOT of funnels. I'm an engineer (by education) and quickly mapped out the process I was using to get very predictable results in my funnel marketing.

I then started to teach people the 9-step process outlined in the book and they got great results as well. What started out as some coaching emails turned into a book you can read quickly and start getting results immediately.
Q: "Exactly what do I get when I order my book?"
A: First, tell us where to ship the book. We are currently shipping anywhere in the US. Then, when we get your order I'll grab my Book Fulfillment Coordinator Ben (7 years old), and we'll package your book up carefully in a beautiful padded envelope, drop a little bonus in there for you, and get it mailed out to you ASAP!

You'll also get access to a very rich resources area which includes the templates mentioned in the book (custom designed for people who get the book), diagrams, more free books, free software to use right away.

I've been told the resource area was way more valuable than the book itself... so go grab a copy and get started!
Q: "I hate free stuff. Can I pay full price somewhere else?" 
A: Sure, be my guest. The book is available on Amazon for $9.95 (and free 2-day shipping with Prime) and you can by it here -> (link)

You'll still get access to the bonuses and resource area but Ben will be sad he didn't earn $1 to package your book for you. #sadBen
Q: Can I just have a PDF of the book?
A: Of course! Download it HERE for FREE.
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*Free means you are not paying for the actual book. One Hour Funnel retails on Amazon for $9.95, but we actually bought it for you. We just ask that you pay a small shipping/handling fee to get it packaged and shipped to you!
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